Title Loans in West Mifflin, PA

Running out of cash before the month is over is a problem that plagues most people at least once during their lives. If you’ve landed on this page, it is likely that you have found yourself in this predicament. Rest assured that title loans in the Pittsburgh/ West Mifflin area can solve this problem for you.

If you are like many of the folks who borrow money from us, you also have some concerns about your credit. Maybe you have gotten behind on a slew of bills. Or perhaps you even had to file Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 or some other kind of bankruptcy. This doesn’t matter to us. Our goal is to help any would-be borrower who comes to us for assistance get a loan. It’s that simple. If you possess a title to a vehicle, you are a candidate for our services.

You may, however, feel gratified to know that title loans in West Mifflin don’t just help you once. They go on helping you throughout the duration of your loan contract. Here’s why: Your poor credit can be rebuilt one loan payment at a time when you accept a loan from us. Right now, you may not qualify for a signature loan from your bank, but it could happen in time.

And we don’t impose rules on how you are to spend the cash. While some of you have it earmarked for some pressing bills, others of you really just want to get away for a while and see that backroads of Pennsylvania. That’s all right, also.

We’re assuming that you like what you’ve read so far, and would appreciate learning more about how to get a title loan. If that is correct, the sections below will fill you in.


Title Loans West Mifflin: Applying

Convenience is the name of the game when you borrow from us. To that end, we have created an online form. Filling it out is the first step you take in the application process. Here’s what we ask for:


Info About Your Vehicle:

  • Is it a car, truck, mini-van, boat, motorhome (In other words, type/ model/ make)
  • Year
  • The odometer reading


About You:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Zip


What we also need from you:

  • About 20 minutes to fill out the application
  • A few minutes to wait for our title loan estimate to show up on your computer screen or cell phone
  • About a half an hour for a phone conversation with our rep when he/ she follows up with you.
  • Questions you might have for the rep


People also often want to know:

  • When can I get my money? We tell them, “Often on the same day.”


Title Loans West Mifflin: Title Loan Laws & Regulations

Title loan companies adhere to exacting standards that have been set forth by state and federal governing bodies. These laws and regulations are meant to protect borrowers who get title loans in Pennsylvania. Anything concerning your loan and its repayment will be found in your contract with us. Here are some of the things you’ll see in our contract (that need to be there by law):

  • Interest
  • Loan amount
  • Loan payments
  • Payment ending date

If you’re not sure about what something means in your paperwork, please do ask!


Why You Benefit From Doing Business With Us

  • Your title loan is all the security we need to lend you cash. Your credit score doesn’t figure into the process.
  • You may find that your score improves after borrowing from us.
  • A past bankruptcy doesn’t matter.
  • You are allowed to use your money for anything you wish. We put no restrictions on that.
  • Our application is easy and it’s online.
  • The law protects borrowers.

In light of all this, why not apply now? You could have the money you need before the sun set tonight.

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