Title Loans in Glen Mills, PA

Spending money is easy. Saving it is a little harder, but many people make the effort. What many don’t make an effort to do is set aside funds for an emergency. If you aren’t prepared for a financial setback, just start planning now. In the event something happens before you build up that account, there is an easy supply of money available through title loans to help you get through a rough patch.


What are Glen Mills Title Loans?


When you need money fast, title loans in Glen Mills are the easiest way to get it. Unlike traditional loans, it’s easy to apply and be approved for title loans. In fact, the approval rate for title loans is much higher than other types of creditor funding.

Anyone who is at least 18 years old can apply for a title loan. Just make sure you have a driver’s license or some other type of government identification that shows your date of birth. You’ll also need an income so you can afford to make loan payments. Title lenders don’t require you to have a job, so you can use another source of income, such as disability or retirement benefits. The main requirement for getting a title loan is a car, truck or other vehicle to use as collateral. You need to own the vehicle you’re putting up for the loan, and it should have a clear title. When you get the loan, you have to leave the title certificate with the lender, but you’ll get it back when the loan is paid off.

Lenders are not hung up on what’s in your credit report, so they don’t even check. Title loans are collateral based, so it doesn’t matter if you have good credit or bad credit. All applicants have the same chance to have their loans approved, as long as they have a vehicle for loan security.


Applying for Glen Mills Title Loans


Applying for title loans in Glen Mills is as simple as providing the make, model, style, year and mileage of your vehicle, as well as your name and contact information. That only takes a few minutes. Once you submit the application, we give you a loan estimate. Accept the offer, and loan processing starts immediately.

Finalizing your loan package includes setting up a loan payment plan that fits your budget. You can get answers to any questions you have, but we will thoroughly explain how title loans work so there is no confusion. Processing also includes getting more information about your income and the condition of your car, and we many do a vehicle inspection. You will need to turn in the vehicle title and sign a loan agreement, but process will like conclude the same day you apply so that you get the money right away.


Legal Stuff


Pennsylvania residents can’t get title loans in the state, but they can take a short ride to neighboring Delaware to get the money they need. There, borrowers get up to 180 days to pay off a loan. If a borrower falls behind on payments, the lender must offer them a work-out plan to bring the account current before the customer’s vehicle is repossessed.




  • Applying is simple, and processing is quick. Most people get the loan money the same day they apply for title loans in Philadelphia and Glen Mills.
  • Loan terms are flexible. Let the lender know if you can’t make your payments by the end of the loan term, and ask about renewing your loan. It could get you more time to pay.
  • Don’t worry about how you will get around because we let you keep the car.