Title Loans in Concordville, PA

What happens when people run out of money is a frantic search for more cash. Friends, family, the pawn shop and who knows what other ideas cross the minds of people in urgent need of cash. If they would just consider title loans, they wouldn’t have to worry because title loan money is easy to get.


What are Concordville, PA Title Loans?


Concordville title loans are a type of alternative lending that are sometimes called fast money loans. They are so fast that most loans are applied for and processed in one day, and borrowers get the cash in less than 24 hours.

Title loans are collateral based. An applicant must have a vehicle to use as loan security. This can be a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle, but it must be owned by the applicant and have a clear title. When the loan is approved, the vehicle title is turned over to the lender. The title is returned to the borrower when the loan is paid off. Because title lenders view vehicles as valuable enough to secure the loan, they don’t do credit checks. For anyone with bad credit, that’s great news. Bad credit is usually the reason loans are denied by mainstream lenders, but title lenders aren’t concerned with what’s in a credit report. Everyone with every type of credit can get title loans in Concordville.


Applying for Title Loans in Concordville


Applying for title loans in Concordville is easy, but first, make sure you qualify. Your vehicle is the main qualification, but applicants must also be at least 18 years old and have proof of the identification and age. This can be a driver’s license or other government ID. Applicants need a job or another source of income to afford loan payments. If you don’t work, you can still qualify with unemployment benefits or another income stream.

For the actual application, we only need a few details about your car, such as the make and model. We also need your name and a way to contact you. As soon as we get the application, we give you a loan estimate. Loan processing begins as soon as you accept our offer.

Processing includes getting more information about your vehicle and income, answering your questions and explaining how title loans work. We will set up a payment plan for you, and we make arrangements to get the title papers and have you sign a loan agreement. Sometimes a vehicle inspection is needed. Before the end of one day, you will likely have the loan cash in your hands.


Legal Guidelines


Getting title loan cash may seem difficult for Pennsylvania residents since the state does not allow this type of funding, but the money is easy to get by taking a short drive across the state line to Delaware. There, borrowers get up to 180 days to repay their loan when they include renewals. If a borrower falls behind on payments, the lender must offer them a way to catch up on payments before the borrower’s vehicle is repossessed.




  • Applying for title loans in Philadelphia and Concordville are simple and fast. Processing is wrapped up quickly, and most borrowers get their money in less than 24 hours. Most other types of loans take much longer to process, and there is a more complex application procedure.
  • Loan terms are short but flexible. Any time you hit a snag and can’t make your loan payments, immediately talk to a loan representative about your options. Loans can be renewed, which gives the borrower more time to pay off the debt.
  • You get to the keep the car.