Title Loans in Baldwin, PA

You’ve decided to do it! You’re going to put a down payment on that income-producing rental property you’ve had your eye on. It’s in a good location. Tenants who have been there for years. It’s all set. Except you don’t yet have the money to throw your hat into the ring and bid on it.

But you’re not worried. You heard about title loans in the Pittsburgh / Baldwin area of Pennsylvania. After carefully weighing all the options, you decided that this is the quickest way to jump on that opportunity. You applied for and got the money.

Or it could be that this scenario doesn’t fit your need for a title loan at all. Maybe you were out skiing and you fell and broke your wrist. One broken ski, one ambulance ride, and one whopping emergency-room bill later, here you are in need of cash.

The truth is, we don’t care why you want to get a title loan from us. We don’t even care about your credit score. (We knew that issue would cross your mind). We get it. You have need of some cash. Well, we say to you if you have a title to an automobile that you can use as security, you can apply for and get a loan from us!

But before we go any further, we probably should talk some about credit. We know it’s a sore subject for many. Maybe even for you. But rest assured, many people who become our clients do so after a bankruptcy. And they not only got the money they wanted, they propped their credit rating back up in the process.

If you feel encouraged by this, then perhaps you, too, think more about what title loans in Baldwin can do for you. Read on to get the lowdown.


Title Loans Baldwin: Steps In Our Loan Process

Unlike a typical bank loan, which requires a trip to the local bank and part of an afternoon – at least – our application procedures are easy. You can access our online application via your mobile phone, tablet, or computer screen. You just need the following:

  • Your name
  • Zip
  • Phone
  • # of miles on your automobile, truck, or motorcycle
  • Make/type/model
  • # of miles

Once you enter this information and submit it, wait for:

  • A title loan estimate of the dollar amount we think we can loan you
  • A call from us. In this case, a representative from our local store will take you through the last few steps required before you get your money.


Title Loans Baldwin: What Legal Protections You Have

Title loans in Pennsylvania are like all title loans across the country in that they are protected by state and federal regulations. Our industry counts among the most regulated industries in America.

What this boils down to for you is this: Your loan terms won’t shock you. They will be itemized and expanded upon in your loan contract. When you get that paperwork, you should be able to find this:

  • Interest rate
  • Number of payments
  • Last payment date
  • Amount of each payment
  • Other financial variables governed by law


A Final Word on Why You Should Borrow From Us

  • There’s no limit on what you can do with your money.
  • Your low credit isn’t a hindrance. All we need is the title to your vehicle to act as collateral.
  • A low credit score can be elevated by paying off a title loan in a timely fashion.
  • The law protects your rights as a borrower. All of this is spelled out in your contract with us.
  • The application is simple to fill out on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Often you can get your money on the same day you complete the application.

Why not apply today and get the money you desire?

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