Title Loans in Scranton, PA

Each title loan applicant’s story is unique.  Not everyone’s need is the same when it comes to title loans, but no matter –the point is, people are looking for money and looking for it now.  So whatever the need, there is a solution.  Title loans supply clients with fast money with zero to little stress.  For those who are in a high-pressure situation already searching for a loan, that’s quite a relief.

Title loans work on a pawnshop like system.  The customer brings in an item of value and the lender provides them with cash for the item.  In this case, the item is the title of a car or the payment slips to a nearly paid-off car.  The major different between title loans and pawnshop loans is that with a title loan the customer will leave with the item of value –the customer will drive away with his/her car.  For many applicants, this is a great selling point as both cash and car will stay in their hands making their lives just a little easier.


Title Loan Requirements


  1. Car title or car payment receipts on a paid-off or nearly paid-off vehicle.
  2. State issued or government issued photo ID with an age of 18 years or more.
  3. Completed application.

Because title loans help those who need it most, they will not try to deny any customer the right to service or assistance.  For this reason, credit checks are not included.  Applicants with no credit, bad credit, or bankruptcy on file are all welcome to apply and with excellent outcomes to boot.  Title loans objective is to help those who have been denied a loan elsewhere; lenders want to provide a relief and not exacerbate an already difficult situation.  


Title Loan Tips


  1. Research title loans in the area, understand the details and the process of how title loans work.  Consult experts and ask a title loan lender questions about title loan specifics.
  2. Understand the value of the loan will depend 100% on the vehicle and nothing else.  Don’t have false expectations about the value of vehicle.
  3. Shop around as title loan agencies are not all the same nor are lenders.  It is the responsibility of the borrower to find the most suitable loan and lender on the market.
  4. When in doubt, seek the advice of a lawyer.  Don’t sign a contract or agree to any documents without feeling 100% confident.

Read what one Scranton customer said about his/her title loan experience:

“I wouldn’t consider myself a desperate person but I did find myself in a desperate situation money wise.  It came outta nowhere the emergency did and I was left speechless and moneyless.  There was no family to turn to and the banks had already denied me of a loan before.  My situation called for a special favor, maybe some of you would call it a miracle.  I went to a loan office down the street from my house and I was surprised at how professional the office and the workers were.  They did not hassle me and they treated me like a real customer not like in the banks where I felt like a dog or something.  I applied and was approved the same day.  Title car loans are a great option for people who don’t see a solution.  Title loans are the solution.  They helped me and they can help you.”

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