Title Loans in Levittown, PA

Title loans in Levittown come in handy for a number of things, but they are especially useful for covering the cost of unexpected home repairs. You may have all your regular monthly bills covered in your budget but when you least expect it, the washer may quit working or you need to call a plumber. These little emergencies can be expensive.

So, lots of folks depend on Levittown title loans to help them out. The best thing about car title loans is that they are always available when you need quick cash. You don’t even have to worry about your credit score because credit isn’t part of the qualification process. If you need emergency funds, you just fill out a simple online application and provide the car title to your vehicle to secure the loan.

To qualify, you must meet the age requirement and have a government issued id. It’s a simple and fast way to get cash for emergencies or paying off old debt. You could qualify for as little as a few hundred dollars or even thousands. We’re ready to help you get through the tough times with quick cash in a day or less.


Everyone Wins With Levittown Title Loans


We have approved loans for office workers, grocery clerks, landscapers and car rental agents. We can get you approved too. Whether you work part-time while attending school or you’re on a fixed income, we’ll design a loan to fit your budget to resolve financial issues.


Benefits of a Levittown Title Loan


No Credit Checks

Our title loans in Philadelphia and Levittown are secured loans, which use your car title as collateral. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to pull credit reports and credit scores. So, it doesn’t matter whether you have poor, good or excellent credit. Applicants with bad credit won’t be penalized or turned down because of their credit.

Cash for Any Purpose

We leave it up to each borrower to decide how they’ll spend their loan funds. You decide if you want to spend the money on bills, take a vacation or start a new business.

Are There Driving Restrictions?

Some title lending companies are known to impound vehicles during the loan period, but we don’t believe that’s necessary. You need your car to get to work, run errands or travel to school. So, we don’t have any driving restrictions as long as you remain current on your payments.


Contracts are written according to state regulations. Each contract must contain the terms of the loan and a repayment schedule, so borrowers understand their legal responsibilities.

How Are Loan Amounts Figured?

Basically, loan amounts are determined by the current value of your truck or car and your ability to make payments. We start with the market value of your auto taken from Kelly Blue Book and factor in your income and expenses to find an ideal loan amount. So, if you have a newer vehicle in good shape, you may qualify for a higher loan amount or less money if your car is older with lots of miles.


Stepping Through the Loan Process


  • Fill out a short online application with your vehicle model, make, body style and a mileage estimate. We also need your telephone number, full name and zip code.
  • Receive an instant loan estimate within minutes of applying.
  • Consult with a loan representative about your loan needs, and choose a repayment plan.
  • Sign your contract, and turn over your car title to make the transaction legal.
  • Collect your cash according to instructions provided by your loan rep.

If you’ve been hit with unexpected bills, check out title loans in Levittown for fast financial solutions.

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